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Publishable Summary “The SMARTSPACES prototype System” (D4.2) now available

The publishable summary focuses on the deliverable D4.2 called ‘The SMARTSPACES Prototype System’. The deliverable introduces the SMARTSPACES Testing Methodology used to analyse the quality of the service by performing various tests. More specifically, it summarises results of testing the developed use cases (D1.2), reviewing the identified requirements for the SMARTSPACES services and systems (D1.1), and provides a summary of results on testing on a pilot level.
The deliverable is the result of three iterations of testing, including functionality, reliability, usability, effi-ciency, maintainability, and portability tests performed and analysed for all eleven SMARTSPACES pilot sites.

The publishable summary D4.2 can be downloaded fileadmin/SmartSpaces/images/Outputs/SMARTSPACES_D4.2_PublishableSummary_PrototypeSystem.pdfherefileadmin/smartspaces/download/documents/outputs/publishable_summaries/smartspaces_d4.2_publishablesummary_prototypesystem.pdf.