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SMARTSPACES MockUp WebService online

April 2014 ||The SMARTSPACES consortium developed a common framework for ICT-enabled energy management (EMS) and decision support (EDSS) services. On of the results, the MockUp WebService is now online.

As part of work package 3 (WP3) lead by the technical manager CIMNE the entire solution was documented using a 4+1 model fully documented in Deliverable D3.2. Technical documentation is provided across eleven different pilot implementations collecting the detail needed for easy replication. This architectural model offer a global view on the entire building process focusing on the 4 different stakeholder view involved in the SMARTSPACES development: System Engineers, Product Managers, Programmers and Final users. The common and standardised views also allows for information collection across multiple partners and its analysis which will also become part of the 'Guide for Replication'.

The 'Development view' describes the architecture that supports the software development process. Development views communicate the aspects of the architecture of interest to those stakeholders involved in building, testing, maintaining, and enhancing the system. UML language is used. MockUpWebService is online.

For more details on the common architecture see the publishable summary for D3.1 or the full technical documentation in D3.2.